KLT Introductory Workout

Explore Your Potential

It takes a certain amount of independence, determination and courage to maintain your dedication to the health and fitness lifestyle, because it often means being 'a bit unusual' in comparison to the majority of people. Even if you find yourself 'out-of-synch' with family and friends, staying committed to your training and nutrition goals displays a strength of character and is something to be proud of.

You are certainly never alone on your health adventure. When you surround yourself with inspiring role-models and learn as much as possible about the process of self care, your health and fitness journey becomes a team effort which is easy to enjoy. Role-models can be found anywhere when you care to look for them. They may be physically present (coaches, mentors, teachers), they may be online (people you follow on facebook, youtube, instagram), they may be in the media (sports heroes, explorers, adventurers), they may be health & fitness writers or personal development authors. You will recognise them by the positive energy they bring into your life.

An Adventurous Attitude

When exploring your health and fitness potential, it will serve you well to cultivate an adventurous attitude.

An adventurous attitude is one which will:

  • empower you to seek out challenges and evolve the skills needed to meet those challenges.
  • drive you with a clear sense of direction, whilst allowing you to enjoy the moment.
  • guide you in your efforts to learn more about your body, mind and spirit.
  • influence you to make choices that support your sense of freedom.
  • deepen your connection with the world in which you live.

Enjoy the rewards of living with such an attitude and you will always welcome change.

Your Health Is A Gift

When you take responsibility for your own health, by proudly taking life-affirming actions, you are simultaneously helping others in many important ways. Through the example of your lifestyle, you have the potential to inspire others to pursue their own health and fitness goals.

  • Your health is a gift to those around you, when you radiate energy and well-being.
  • Your health is a gift to the community, when you respect your body and do your best to ease the burden on the health-care system.
  • Your health is a gift to the environment that supports you, when you recognise that healthy food comes from a healthy eco-system.
  • Your health is a gift to those who love you, when you find joy in maximising the quality (and length) of your own life.

Continue Learning

We encourage you to learn as much as you can about human well-being and how to best care for yourself, for others and for the environmental context of your life. Extending your knowledge, using a broad variety of sources, will give you confidence that you are being effective and efficient with your exercise, nutrition and wellness choices. Awareness is your key to success.