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Kane Hamilton
Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor
KLT Certification: Level 1
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Kane is a fitness enthusiast and a "your body is your temple" type. He can still beat the neighbourhood in table tennis because his forehand remains bad-ass! He can bake the hell out of a chicken pie and a master of spices to keep those steamed veggies interesting.

Holder of a diversified training background that brings a unique product to his clients, his fitness educational background includes courses and certification in personal training, Clinical Pilates, CrossFit, gymnastics, kettlebells and strongman.

For years being heavily involved in all kinds of strength training, Kane discovered the resources needed to rehabilitate his body through Pilates. It had such a profound effect on his body that he has now forged a career out of it through combining both clinical rehabilitation and strength training.

Kane enjoys teaching motivated but overwhelmed individuals the importance of adopting an integrative and simple approach to their health and fitness, so they can reach their goals in and outside the gym.

His passion is making complex information and methods easily digestible and understandable for everyone he influences - and drinking great coffee! He is also a closet nerd with all things Star Wars and did I mention he can bake a great chicken pie!