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Luke Rabone
Exercise Physiologist
KLT Certification: Level 2
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Luke has been an Accredited Exercise Physiologist since 2011 and owner of Restart Exercise Physiology in Brisbane since 2012. In this time he has helped countless patients to improve their health and quality of life through exercise and movement.

Early in his journey as a practitioner, he learnt the importance of providing the body with meaningful multi-joint, multi-directional movement that mimic the everyday challenges we as humans encounter. Becoming a Level 2 KLT Coach has only reinforced this philosophy of the value of functional movement prescription, and added to his tool-kit to assist more people to move pain-free and with greater ease.

Luke has a passion for mentoring his team to improve the health of Restart’s clientele and helping his patients put injuries and pain behind them via the prescription of intelligent movements, including the exercises mastered as a KLT Level 2 Coach.