Train At Home

PTP + Bands-Only Workouts

Looking for a well balanced and time efficient home training program?

We will teach you a simple, full-body functional strength training workout that can be completed at home, or outside, or while travelling. The only equipment needed is a few resistance bands or tubes (no other weights or gym equipment are required).

You will learn how to safely perform a variety of coordinated and integrated upper and lower body movements through a strong and stable core.

Step One: Get Your Gear

To train at home you only need a few resistance bands / power tubes with handles. The bands will need to be safely attached to a single secure anchor point. Ensure that you purchase high quality bands. We use and recommend the use of PTP resistance bands.

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Step Two: Get Your Workout

KLT Bands-Only Workouts

KLT Bands-Only Workouts offers you a time-efficient and systematic approach to developing (and maintaining) functional strength and movement control. All KLT workouts focus on something we all have in common - that is, the desire to physically move through life with ease, strength and control.

Each short course demonstrates in detail how to safely and correctly perform 4 different full-body exercises. You will be reading a few short lessons, watching narrated exercise videos and then applying what you have learned in your preferred exercise space. All whilst gradually improving your muscular strength and endurance.

The Kinetic Link Training system and all KLT workouts and KLT courses have been developed and designed by degree-qualified health and exercise professionals Wayne Rodgers and Graeme Kennedy.

Wayne and Graeme both have decades of real-world health & fitness experience as a sports and exercise physiotherapist and a fitness coach / physical education graduate.